Corporate Cultural ScriptsⓇ

In life, there are things we simply do – brush our teeth, tie our shoes, say good morning and good night. In psychology, these things we just do without giving them a second thought, are referred to as behavioral scripts. They are an expected sequence of behaviors in a given situation written in to every part of our lives. Scripts are the fabric that make up our daily routines and habits, they are the result of our cultural upbringing and our social context.


Behavioral scripts also exist where we work. In most companies there are ways of doing things and working that reflect company culture and context but also the nature of the product or service being offered. They can also reflect the way we look at and react to a customer group and in turn the customer experience. The behavioral script in a sales team or in a service desk for example greatly influences the customer experience outcome even outside direct interaction.


The interaction between customer and company is vital to understand through diligent customer journey mapping. We also know that adding on knowledge of customer behavior outside of each interaction enhances the understanding of how to influence the customer towards or from certain behavior. In order to create a flawless customer journey however, we need more than just the customer perspective. We also need to understand team behavior, team drivers and the behavioral scripts that are inevitably present within the organization. These are Corporate Culture Scripts.


Danji uses models grounded in behavioral science, psychology and language cognition to conduct deep, open interviews with team members and map the Corporate Culture Scripts which are influencing your customers experiences every day and in every interaction. Analysis of both the explicit and implicit processes, sentiment, themes and narrative enable us to identify root cause and facilitate prioritization and change.


With Danjis Corporate Culture Scripts companies can understand how team members are expressing corporate values, how to drive engagement and how to create a truly customer obsessed corporate culture. Through Danjis Corporate Culture Scripts banks, hockey teams, real estate developers, car dealerships and healthcare clinics have revolutionized their organizations and decreased employee turnover, increased engagement and fostered a customer driven culture throughout the organization.

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