The Danji team is a perfect mix of psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and business consultants. Our cross-disciplinary team is as academic as it is business orientated which allows us to map customer and employee experiences in depth and also to achieve tangible results. With Danji, clients have improved loyalty, increased turnover and sales, and radically improved customer and employee satisfaction.


At Danji we know that Big Data will take you some of the way, but not all of the way. We add deep knowledge of people’s driving forces, thoughts, behavior and underlying feelings so that you, proactively and in detail can control your company’s future.


Our work has been a game changer for our clients. Now it’s time for you to take control over your biggest competitive advantage – the experience.




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Bokmässan 2018

Feb 2018

Danji in collaboration with Volvo Cars Sweden

We are proud to announce our partnership with Volvo Cars Sweden, which is already well under way. Danji is working with Volvo to futher develop the mangament of customer experience to ensure continued success.