Humans have brains wired for narrative. We are so susceptive to great storytelling that a good story with a thrilling outcome will not only make us feel empathy, it can even make us react as though we were physically there. A well told story full of detailmakes us want to share and compare experiences, relive and revive old memories and pass on the story to other people. What a great tool to foster empathy!


For marketers this comes as no surprise. But for those of us working with the customer experience throughout the whole value chain, experiencing the customers’ life and living though compelling narrative and true sentiment is rare. Instead we often focus on customer satisfaction scores, sales volume and process. Without customer presence in every step of the journey a process can easily become ridged, siloed, and full of assumption.


Danji uses models grounded in behavioral science, psychology and language cognition to extract true customer narratives, find themes, identify root cause andspecify sentiment throughout the customer journey. We utilize deep, open interview techniques similar to those used by psychologists to extract raw cognitive data. We then analyze and extract themes, narratives, sentiment, semantics, correlations and causation. This is mapped on a Customer Storyboard and woven into a compelling and actionable story that can be shared and experienced by everyone in the organization. It’s a way of reaching and explaining the customer unavailable through any other method, be it traditional surveying, focus groups or artificial intelligence.


With Danjis Customer Storyboard companies can visualize customer needs and drivers, they can identify value creating activities and prioritize action. Using our methods, international brands like Volvo Cars have helped hundreds of employees throughout the value chain understand what they have to do to create an amazing experience for the customer and remain agile enough to keep up with the fast pace of today’s retail landscape.

Five steps to building a Customer Storyboard:

  1. Identify the subject through workshopping and segmentation
  2. Conduct deep interviews with the subjects until the data is saturated
  3. Go through Danjis layers of analysis
  4. Build the Customer Storyboard
  5. Share the narrative and take action

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