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Data collection & text analysis

Find out what drives your customer through ethnografic data. Build customer feedback systems that integrate unstructured customer data and mine your existing customer touchpoints.

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Creation of customer insight

Use rich customer data that tells you more about the lives of your customer to optimize your processes and build real insight. Create value, drive loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.

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Customer driven action

Insight can drive action. Make your employees bearers of customer driven culture through knowledge sharing, structured workshops, coaching and customer centric processes.

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My cooperation with Danji has led to a better understanding of our clients and their experience. This has led to increased employee engagement and alignment of the customer experience with the vision of Massive Performance.

Isa Olsson

Founder and CEO, Massive Performance

Our Projects

Read more about our work with customers in different fields facing challenges in churn, market share, satisfaction, quality and customer loyalty.


Is your organisation committed to improving customer experience? Do you want to learn more about how to measure customer satisfaction? Are you curious about customer journey mapping? In our resources section we offer our best advice and key findings from research as well as insights from current and previous projects.

Customer Experience, Numbers and Sliced Bread

Shopped on the web lately? Of course you have. Got a survey afterwards? Of course you did. Didn't fill it out? Of course not. Because surveys… well more on that later. Today big data is becoming more and more of a business necessity. Many businesses have an increasing...
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Why Values Matter: How to create Standard Bearers in the organisation

You hear them long before you see them. You feel like you can touch the suspense that is in the air. The march is getting closer. The Standard Bearer is walking in the front with the flag held high. The Deserter is walking at the very end, trying to find the easiest...
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